After these two years of preparations, the 64th IPSF World Congress will finally come to Mendoza, Argentina in 2018. The crazy idea was born in San Luis after the organization of the 9th Pan American Regional Symposium (PARS) and began taking shape in Zimbabwe during the 62nd IPSF World Congress, where our bid was approved by the IPSF General Assembly. Since then, our team from AEFRA has been working very hard to create an amazing IPSF experience for the first time in South America. In Mendoza, you will enjoy an amazing time with your IPSF pharmily while discovering the most beautiful landscapes of country, drinking one of the best wines of the world, tasting our delicious food, and living the memorable experiences that are unique to the IPSF World Congress! We want to thank all of you for the support you have showed from the very beginning. We are planning very great things for you all, and we are very excited to welcome you in our country! It is no longer a dream – now that the time has come, are you going to miss it?