We are an organisation of pharmacy students from all corners of  Argentina, dedicated to developing the academic and personal development of all of our members and partners, through educational, social and cultural activities while seeking to benefit the national pharmaceutical community and the general population.

La Asociación de Estudiantes de Farmacia de Republica Argentina (A.E.F.R.A) has the following objectives:

  1. Promote the integration and representation of students of pharmacy, solidifying a sense of unity among members.
  2. Promote research, arts, sports, academic training, and volunteering at the level of different careers of pharmacy when planned in the welfare of the student community.
  3. Development the cultural, humanitarian, academic, scientific development of its members to promote their integrated training.
  4. Promote creativity among partners and promoting values such as solidarity, fraternity, and communication.
  5. Represent a medium for the projection of the pharmaceutical profession.
  6. Raise awareness about the social and active role of the profession in the country.
  7. Contribute to the discovery of better conditions for studying and for the cultural, intellectual, moral and physical development of students.
  8. Promote relations with pharmacists and related industries as well as with other professionals in the health sector.
  9. Develop and implement activities of health promotion and disease prevention, as well as those related to the rational use of drugs, which directly impact patients and communities.
  10. Foster relationships between pharmacists and other professionals who contribute to the integral development and continuous improvement of the profession.