Facundo Yamil del Hoyo – Chairperson

Dear Pharmily! My name is Facundo Yamil del Hoyo, I’m from Mendoza, Argentina, and currently, I’m the Chairperson of the upcoming IPSF World Congress. This challenge was born on 22nd June of 2015 and since that moment we didn’t stop dreaming. It’s a great pleasure to invite you to live our dream together and to share the fabulous experience of the IPSF World Congress in the best Latin style. It is a great satisfaction for us to be working for the most important and traditional event for pharmacy students around the world. Feel free to contact me or any member of this team to clarify any doubt. We’ll be happy to see you here in our land, living what will be your maximum adventure as a pharmacy student. A warm greeting! Vive La Pharmacie! Viva IPSF! See you in Mendoza! Mail: congress@ipsf.org


Jorge Schlöttke – General Advisor

My dear pharmily, it is my pleasure to be here working for this “worldwide dream”. I am the general advisor of the Congress and I am available for whatever you need. Since June 22nd of 2015, after the 9th IPSF Pan American Regional Symposium in San Luis ended, eating a delicious asado and drinking great wine, we started this road to Mendoza. It will be more than 3 years organizing this project and we continue working hard to provide you the best experience of your life. You are welcome in Mendoza the land of the sun and the great wine. We are waiting for you with open arms and facing this challenge to make you feel at home. Viva la pharmacie!



Gisela Tittoto -Treasurer

Hello, I am Gisela Tittoto de Mendoza, in charge of the treasury committee of the 64th IPSF World Congress. We are waiting for you in Mendoza this 2018. I am happy to be part of the organizing committee, we are working very hard to give you an unforgettable experience. Send you a hug from Argentina, be all welcome to our home.





Franco Rizo – Treasury Committee

Hello everyone, I’m Franco Rizo, member of treasury committee, I’m very excited to receive you in this spectacular Congress and I’m anxious to share a lot of experiences with you. Hope you can come to Argentina and meet this beautiful country. I see you all in Mendoza.






Ariana González – Academic Committee

My name is Ariana Gonzalez and I’m from Bs As, Argentina. I am part of Academic Committee and we are working on every step of this project in order to fulfil it in the most suitable way. My aim is to make this experience very worthy and unforgettable. See you soon!!






Ana Gehrke – Academic Committee

Hi everyone! My name is Ana and together with Ariana we are on the Academic Committee. We are very excited about the IPSF World Congress and we have been working hard to organize a wide academic programme that can show all the different profiles and options that Pharmacy profession has to offer. I hope that during the congress you can learn a lot about our beautiful profession and also enjoy and discover the wonders that our country has to offer. See you soon – Hasta pronto!




 Maximiliano Reybet – Registration Committee

Hello everyone! My name is Maximiliano Reybet, I’m from Buenos Aires and I’m the Registration Committee Coordinator. We are very pleased that the 64th IPSF World Congress will take place in Mendoza, Argentina. We are looking forward to enjoying this unique experience together. See you very soon! Greetings!





Sol Nanfra – Post Congress Tour Coordinator

Hi everyone I am Sol! I will be in charge of Post Congress Tour! I definitely ensure you that this Congress is going to be a unique experience. Prepare to learn and enjoy a lot, while discovering the beauty of Mendoza! Greetings and see you soon!






Julieta Flores – Accommodation Committee

Hello my dear IPSF friends! I am Julieta Flores, in charge of the accommodation committee and also of health and humanitarian campaigns in Congress! I am very excited to know everyone and receive you in my province. I love you all! See you soon! Kisses!






Julieta Lopez – Accommodation Committee

Hello friends of IPSF, I’m Julieta Lopez, part of the Congress accommodation committee! Being part of the Reception Committee makes me very happy and very anxious to meet you and being all together. We are waiting for you in July in Mendoza, greetings!







Roberto Chaile – Media and Publications Committee

Hi everyone! I am Roberto Chaile from Tucumán! I am Media and Publications Committee Coordinator, I am in charge of designing the whole material, site and social media posts that you may have seen. Really hope that you like all our job! I am really looking forward to seeing you in Mendoza since the very first moment I got involved in this dream! Can’t wait to see you! Vive la Pharmacie!! If you want any of the Promotional Materials or anything to post please contact me at rechaile@gmail.com




Juan Ignacio Flores – Media and Publications Committee

Hello everyone! I’m Juani, I am in the media and publications committee and I am currently the president of AEFRA. We are working hard for you to have a unique experience in our beautiful country. From now on, I invite you to share this great dream with us. Do not hesitate to contact us, we Will be waiting for your questions. I send you a warm hug and greetings.
See you in Mendoza.
Viva el amor y viva la pharmacie!



Anahí Zanetti – Transportation Committee

Dear friends: I am Anahi, in charge of the transportation committee and I am very proud to receive you in this beautiful province, Mendoza. Knowing that a couple of months we will be the host of this great event, my heart starts beating fast. Needless to say, we are working for you to enjoy. We are waiting for you with open arms … Vive AEFRA, Vive la pharmacie. !!!!





Ezequiel Bertiche – Logistics Committee

Dear friends; My name is Ezequiel Bertiche, I’m in charge of the logistics committee, I hope to be helpful for everyone, and from now on you also have my friendship. We are looking forward to this moment since we applied to host the World Congress 2018; Our country and our heart are already open to receive you!. Greetings!






Nicolás Cimino – Social Events Coordinator

Hi everybody! I’m very excited about meeting you! I am waiting for you all, so we can enjoy and have the most amazing time (and nights) ever! See you soon!






Macarena Manzanares – Meals Committee

Dear pharmily! I’m Maca Manzanares, I’m in charge of Meals committee.Welcome to our dream! It’s very exciting to receive so many colleagues and friends! I hope you are as happy as me, and we’re waiting for you with open arms! Vive la Pharmacie!






Nahir Barrera – Meals Committee

Hello, WELCOME! … My name is Melisa Nahir Barrera, I am part of the Meals Committee! It is my first world congress. I am very anxious with the arrival of each one of you, to receive you and give you everything you deserve and thus enjoy with you at this wonderful meeting. I send you hugs… and let the countdown begin!





Mercedes Muñoz – Leaders In Training Coordinator

Hello everyone! I’m part of LIT committee (leaders in training). I am very happy to receive you here in Mendoza. I hope you are all doing well. I am waiting for you! See you soon !