CONFERENCES: Oral presentations will be given by experts and will focus on specific topics of interest to attendees. They will be intended as public dissertations with the objective of establishing a clear dialogue with listeners.with listeners.

WORKSHOPS: The aim is to promote the integration of attendees and foster and strengthen the feeling of teamwork. The final result will be a conclusion on behalf of the participants regarding the work achieved during the workshop itself. From this perspective, a talk or conference cannot be defined as a workshop.

STUDENT PRESENTATIONS: There will also be presentations of different research papers conducted by pharmacy and pharmaceutical science students. The presentation must concern a scientific issue and will be evaluated in two phases by an admissions committee and an evaluation committee, both composed of professionals. The committees will assess the scientific content and work methodology.

POSTER PRESENTATIONS: Posters showcasing the different research projects of students and recent graduates will also take part in an exhibition.Pharmacy and pharmaceutical science students and those from other careers related to the health sciences can participate.

GENERAL ASSEMBLY: During the main decision-making body of IPSF, Official Delegates of member organisations will discuss the future of the Federation, elect the incoming Executive Committee, appoint the site of the next Congress, and discuss potential activities related to public health and the promotion of the Federation.

PUBLIC HEALTH CAMPAIGNS: The aim of these campaigns is to inform, prevent and educate the community on specific issues to create and develop in the citizens’ healthy lifestyle habits that will affect their personal, family and community health. It is an activity where students will have direct contact with the community, and it will be divided in two days – the first day for training and the second for the campaign itself.



The main motto for the Congress is: “From Lab to Counter: The Different Pharmacists’ Profiles and Their Constant Contribution to Global Health”

Through this motto, the aim is to show the wide range of areas where pharmacists can develop themselves through the practice of their profession. Depending on the area of health in which they work, the profiles and responsibilities of each pharmacist will be different. As such, this diversity of possibilities will be demonstrated through the collaboration of the speakers, who will share their knowledge during the dissertations. As a professional with great versatility and a plethora of skills, the pharmacist is an invaluable human resource for health services around the world, and recognizing this value of the pharmacist is ultimately the underlying purpose of this Congress and the organisations behind it.