The motto for the Educational Symposium is “Pharmacists and Their Role as Teacher within the Health System”

Description of the motto: Starting from the concept of recognizing pharmacists as the “experts in medicines”, it can be established that they are the most appropriate professionals to educate the general population and other health professionals about the correct use and management of medicines. Whether through pharmaceutical care and dispensing at community pharmacy, through universities where future professionals are trained and the general population is informed, or through educating other health professionals in the hospital pharmacy service, pharmacists play a constant role as teachers. Through the application of scientific concepts acquired in academic training and professional experience, pharmacists  play a pivotal role in educating  about the health risks and benefits as well as the adverse effects associated with the use of medications, raising awareness about their misuse or inadequate management and , and always ensuring adequate understanding to guarantee the safety and security of their patients.



Poster and Student Presentations Awards

The Educational and Scientific Symposiums will also cover both students presentations and poster presentations. The participants must submit their works according to the main themes of each symposium.

Their work will be evaluated by the respective committees, scientific and educational, which will integrate highly qualified professionals serving with great experience as evaluators, in two instances: a first instance through the approval of the different works by the admission committee, and a second instance of the evaluation itself by the evaluation committee. These committees will ensure that the submitted papers fall under the proposed mottos as well as evaluate the originality, depth of academic insight, applicability and relevance to the healthcare field . The best three works of each of the category will be awarded.