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    The 66th IPSF World Congress - Seoul, Republic of Korea


Transforming Pharmacists' Roles: Improving Quality of Life through Healthcare innovation.

IPSF World Congress is featured with symposia, workshops, professional development events, public health campaigns and social events. At this time, the IPSF World Congress will extend its reputation by providing symposia to discuss the latest improvements focused on the theme of ‘Transforming Pharmacists’ Roles: Improving Quality of Life through Healthcare innovation.’ New technologies, the power of information, emerging markets and trends require pharmacy students and pharmacists to keep up with changes. The 66th IPSF World Congress will give opportunities to all participants to think and share their ideas about ‘what is transforming pharmacists’ roles.

Leaders in Training

July. 22nd - 26th 2021

World Congress

July. 26th - August. 4th 2021

Post Congress Tour

August. 4th - 7th 2021


Dongguk University Seoul Campus

Dongguk University is a private university founded by Buddhist pioneers, located in central Seoul. Starting from Myungjin School, Dongguk University has developed into Buddhist Higher Education Institution, Central Education Institution, Central Buddhist Professional School, and Hyehwa College, the school changed its name to Dongguk University in 1946 and was promoted to a university in 1953, having the status today. Dongguk University is leading our society as a prestigious university that has produced over 300,000 talented people in various fields including religion, politics, economy, society, education and culture during the past history and Korea’s only Buddhist university. Following the will of Buddhist pioneers, we are to make it stronger and to leap toward the world as a world-class university with the world. Recently, as the internal and external environments surrounding the university have become increasingly difficult, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is requiring more changes and innovations, and global competition is also accelerating. Leading and leading these changes and missions of the times, Dongguk University has the preparation and ability to bring forth talented people required by the times. Based on the vision of ‘Global Dongguk respected for its contribution’, Dongguk University aims to develop while practicing 'Strengthening founding philosophy capacity,' 'Strengthening sustainable management capacity,' Strengthening education contribution capacity’, ‘Strengthening research contribution capacity’ under the slogan of ‘Energize Dongguk’. The university will strive to be the 'one of the top 100 universities in the World' by raising talented people required by the nation and society and devoting itself to the promotion of happiness for the nation and mankind.

Hotel Skypark Dongdaemun I

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