β€œWhere the story begins and beyond”… Egypt, being one of the oldest countries in the world, has always been known to be the cradle of civilization, where history began and where it continues to be made. The Pharaohs have done an excellent job at setting our standards high in everything creative wise and development wise especially in the medical and pharmacological departments with their mind-blowing mummification method which still leaves people in awe in our present-day as well as their remedies derived from plant life and their ability to heal themselves in ways we are still discovering today.

We here in EPSF, Egypt would like to take you beyond that, to our present-day civilization, to all the history we are currently making, to the development in all aspects of life. Most importantly, on the medical and pharmaceutical front. 

The Pharaohs have used ‘The Eye of Horus’ as a symbol of healing, well-being, and protection. This is what we hope to present to you during your stay at The 67th IPSF World Congress, Hurghada, Egypt, 2022 with a modernized twist to it. You will get the chance to see where Egypt stood and where it currently stands in history-making. You will get the chance to explore our beautiful country filled with breathtaking landmarks, mouth-watering cuisines, and intriguing places where the old meets the new all while enriching your pharmaceutical knowledge. Not to mention the already given fact of having fun and making new friends from around the globe! 

What makes this IPSF World Congress extra special is the fact that IPSF has not held one in-person in 2 years. So EPSF, Egypt is honored to host such a wonderful community in August, 2022 and is more than excited for everyone to experience the hospitality of the land of the Pharaohs!