Edu-Sci Symposium

Aside from all the fun we will be having, we need to focus on the event’s focal point, which is the Educational-Scientific Symposium under the theme “Role of pharmacist in patient safety and digital healthcare services”.

As future pharmacists, we will be taking you on a journey to discover some of the most promising fields of pharmacy such as digital healthcare and its importance in enhancing the efficiency of healthcare delivery and making medicine more personalized and precise. As well as patient safety which has garnered much attention lately due to complexity in healthcare systems and the resulting rise of patient harm in healthcare facilities.
We will be honored to have a handful of carefully selected speakers to deliver the captivating topics of the Symposium, such as Pharmacy history in Egypt, Digital healthcare industry over the world, and Patient safety between the past and future. One of our highlights would be a panel discussion on the topic “Pharmacy around the world”.
Besides that, we will cover aspects of research applications in Egypt, as well as interesting and interactive workshops that will definitely get you excited!