Leaders In Training

To kick off our amazing event, we need to start with one of IPSF’s most developing programs which is ‘Leaders In Trainingโ€™ (LIT). Have you ever wondered How the construction of the Pyramids could teach modern-day leaders about being successful?

In a 4 days program, we will take participants on a journey to uncover the truth behind Pharaoh’s power and reveal the key skills that one could learn from Egypt’s Pharaohs. Just looking at the Pyramids makes it obvious to anyone how the Pharaohs were good communicators and leaders since building one of the 7 wonders reveals the strategic planning and project management skills that they had. Thinking of the construction process alone shows that it needed incredible teamwork. Thereโ€™s no denying that the pharaohs probably had magnificent stress management skills that enabled them to complete such an impeccable project. And with the LIT, you will be trained to have the basics of all the skills necessary to pull off any project you lead, successfully.