Edu-Sci Symposium

Aside from all the fun we will be having, we need to focus on the event’s focal point, which is the Educational-Scientific Symposium under the theme “Role of pharmacist in patient safety and digital healthcare services”.

As future pharmacists, we will be taking you on a journey to discover some of the most promising fields of pharmacy such as digital healthcare and its importance in enhancing the efficiency of healthcare delivery and making medicine more personalized and precise. As well as patient safety which has garnered much attention lately due to complexity in healthcare systems and the resulting rise of patient harm in healthcare facilities.
We will be honored to have a handful of carefully selected speakers to deliver the captivating topics of the Symposium, such as Pharmacy history in Egypt, Digital healthcare industry over the world, and Patient safety between the past and future. One of our highlights would be a panel discussion on the topic “Pharmacy around the world”.
Besides that, we will cover aspects of research applications in Egypt, as well as interesting and interactive workshops that will definitely get you excited!

Leaders In Training

To kick off our amazing event, we need to start with one of IPSF’s most developing programs which is ‘Leaders In Training’ (LIT). Have you ever wondered How the construction of the Pyramids could teach modern-day leaders about being successful?

In a 4 days program, we will take participants on a journey to uncover the truth behind Pharaoh’s power and reveal the key skills that one could learn from Egypt’s Pharaohs. Just looking at the Pyramids makes it obvious to anyone how the Pharaohs were good communicators and leaders since building one of the 7 wonders reveals the strategic planning and project management skills that they had. Thinking of the construction process alone shows that it needed incredible teamwork. There’s no denying that the pharaohs probably had magnificent stress management skills that enabled them to complete such an impeccable project. And with the LIT, you will be trained to have the basics of all the skills necessary to pull off any project you lead, successfully.


Now, you may be wondering where this wonderful event will be held, let us tell you…

The accommodation location/venue is set to be at the beautiful Stella Gardens Resort & Spa, Hurghada!

Hurghada is one of Egypt’s oldest main tourist attractions on the Red Sea Coast. It derived its name from an ancient Egyptian plant that grew there naturally and has grown to now be known for not just its waters and warm weather but also its nightlife. The Stella Makadi Gardens is in the Makadi Bay area on the Red Sea Riviera with a white sandy beach and the perfect mix of charming, and modern. It will provide the best summer vibes that will energize our minds and souls enough to receive our educational and scientific content, but not too much as to kill the fun. 

We recommend you set your arrival at the Hurghada International Airport since it is located 30 minutes away from the resort and we will be providing transportation to and from this airport if requested by participants for an additional fee. If however, you find that you will be landing at the Cairo International Airport, you could find several transportation options like swvl, GoBus, gettransfer, etc that would probably take around 7 hours to reach Hurghada and the venue.

Assistance and guidance will be provided upon request.


“Where the story begins and beyond”… Egypt, being one of the oldest countries in the world, has always been known to be the cradle of civilization, where history began and where it continues to be made. The Pharaohs have done an excellent job at setting our standards high in everything creative wise and development wise especially in the medical and pharmacological departments with their mind-blowing mummification method which still leaves people in awe in our present-day as well as their remedies derived from plant life and their ability to heal themselves in ways we are still discovering today.

We here in EPSF, Egypt would like to take you beyond that, to our present-day civilization, to all the history we are currently making, to the development in all aspects of life. Most importantly, on the medical and pharmaceutical front. 

The Pharaohs have used ‘The Eye of Horus’ as a symbol of healing, well-being, and protection. This is what we hope to present to you during your stay at The 67th IPSF World Congress, Hurghada, Egypt, 2022 with a modernized twist to it. You will get the chance to see where Egypt stood and where it currently stands in history-making. You will get the chance to explore our beautiful country filled with breathtaking landmarks, mouth-watering cuisines, and intriguing places where the old meets the new all while enriching your pharmaceutical knowledge. Not to mention the already given fact of having fun and making new friends from around the globe! 

What makes this IPSF World Congress extra special is the fact that IPSF has not held one in-person in 2 years. So EPSF, Egypt is honored to host such a wonderful community in August, 2022 and is more than excited for everyone to experience the hospitality of the land of the Pharaohs!