About IPSF World Congress

The 66th IPSF World Congress 2021

Seoul, Republic of Korea

IPSF World Congress is featured with symposia, workshops, professional development events, public health campaigns and social events. At this time, the IPSF World Congress will extend its reputation by providing symposia to discuss the latest improvements focusing on the theme of ‘Transforming Pharmacists’ Roles: Improving Quality of Life through Healthcare innovation.’ New technologies, the power of information, emerging markets and trends require pharmacy students and pharmacists to keep up with changes. The 66th IPSF World Congress will give opportunities to all participants to think and share their ideas about ‘what is transforming pharmacists’ roles

The Reception Committee of the 66th IPSF World Congress is looking forward to organizing the event for our global friends.

Join us in Seoul at the 66th IPSF World Congress.

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