How to apply for the 66th IPSF World Congress?

Please check out the registration guideline here.


Can you please tell more about the hotel?

The official hotel for The 66th IPSF World Congress 2021 is Hotel Skypark Dongdaemun 1. You will stay together with your roommates in a standard Twin or Triple. Please click the link below for more information about the accommodation.

What services and amenities does the hotel offer?

Air Conditioning, free WiFi, 220/240V, 110/120V. For more information check the link below.

How many people will share a room?

Two to Three people will share a room together. You will be able to let us know your preferred roommate on the Registration Form.

How can I get to the venue from the hotel?

It takes five to ten minutes to walk to Dongguk University from the hotel.

How can I get to the hotel from airport?

Click the button below.

Can you recommend useful GPS apps that I can use in Korea?

Google Map, Naver Map and Kakao Map are very useful in Korea. They show routes and estimated travel time for driving, public transportation or walking. You can also check taxi fares and bus schedules.

What is T-Money?

It is a special transportation card used for most public transportation in Korea. This card will provide fare discount and transfer discount automatically. You can use it to pay even in a taxi or at a convenience store. For more information please check the link below.


How are meals served?

For Welcoming Dinner and Gala Dinner, a buffet will be served at Grand Ballroom of the hotel. Other meals will be served in Dongguk University cafeteria.

Do you offer vegetarian meals?

Yes, vegetarian meals will be served as well in the hotel(Welcoming Dinner and Gala dinner) and Dongguk University cafeteria.


Is it possible to get free WiFi?

Yes, free WiFi is available both in the hotel and Dongguk University.

How can I get mobile data in Korea?

You can either buy a SIM card or rent a portable WIFI router at the airport when you arrive here.


How’s the weather like in Seoul?

For a few years, Seoul’s summer has been hot. Its average temperature from mid July to mid-August was 31ºC (88ºF), averaging 78% in humidity. Not only is Seoul known for hot and humid weather, it’s also noticeable for its rainy season in July. Seoul’s summer comprises 61% of its annual precipitation, with occasional showers and light storms. Therefore, we recommend you to bring your umbrella as well as your summer clothes. Please click the link below to check more information.