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International Night – IPSF World Congress 2021
International Night

International Night provides an opportunity for participants from all over the world to get to know each other and to understand each culture more deeply. There are two events prepared below; ‘Introduce Your Hometown’ and “Tell Us Your Story’.

International Night: Introduce Your Hometown

When 25th July, 21:30~24:30 (GMT+9)

‘International Night: Introduce Your Hometown’ is a similar program for participants who have been waiting for offline international night. A limited number of people from each country are selected to introduce their culture. Presenters freely introduce traditional food, drinks, and costumes etc. Other participants will ask questions or respond to the presentation through chat. Those who are not selected as the presenter can have the opportunity to introduce their culture by posting a video on the WC 2021 YouTube account.

International Night: Tell Us Your Story

When 27th July, 21:00~23:00 (GMT+9)

‘International Night: Tell Us Your Story’ is a radio show that held by receiving participants’ concerns or stories in advance. The moderator comments on it and participants communicate through chatting. Participants will become good listeners and thoughtful counsellors by sharing their thought on each story, thereby understanding cultural differences and getting to know each other. ‘Tell Us Your Story’ waits for stories in the minds of the participants.