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Korean Night – IPSF World Congress 2021
Korean Night

Korean Night is a social event to learn about Korean culture. And ‘K-Culture Festival’ and ‘K-Culture Quiz Show’ are scheduled during the World Congress.

Korean Night: K-Culture Festival

When 23rd July, 21:00~24:00 (GMT+9)

For whom may be curious about Korean culture, ‘K-Culture Festival’ is an opportunity to experience a few Korean culture. There will be 3 classes about Korean culture: K-pop, Korean characters (Hangeul) & language, Korean food. Through this class, participants will follow the emcee to speak and write in Korean or try to cook Korean food. It will be an unforgettable opportunity to learn and understand Korean culture.

Korean Night: K-Culture Quiz Show

When 31st July, 18:30~19:00 (GMT+9)

‘K-Culture Quiz Show’ is a quiz show to check how much participants know about Korean culture. Most of the questions will be related to Korea and the World Congress, which will be shown in advance. After this event, participants will get to more about Korea.